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OBERLIN, OH (PRWEB) September 09, 2014

Forget a downloadable app. This must-have homeowner gadget will automatically text you when there’s trouble with your home a/c or furnace filter.

The new air filter monitor sends email or text alerts* to your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer when the filter becomes clogged so you can enjoy cleaner air, lower electric bills and an efficiently operating HVAC system.

Energy Savings:

Just like your automobile’s gas gauge, the CleanAlert FILTERSCAN® WiFi shows how much ‘cleaning power’ remains in your home’s air filter. Using patented differential pressure technology to actively measure a filter’s capacity, the $ 99 wireless unit takes the guesswork out of this important household chore and helps save up to $ 300 in annual energy savings.

Download our Home Energy Savings Checklist and discover how to save money and conserve energy.

Health Benefits:

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. Ironically, that’s where allergens, mold and other irritants are most at home. In fact, the EPA finds that pollutant levels can be two to five times higher inside our homes than outside. Besides undercutting system efficiency, a clogged air filter can make homeowners feel sick, too, especially family members with allergy and asthmatic issues.

“A well-maintained HVAC system air filter keeps the air your family breathes clean,” says Terry L. Reavis, Vice President Sales & Marketing for CleanAlert, known for its innovative airflow-sensing solutions.

“As an air filter becomes clogged with dirt, dust, pet dander and other particles, the HVAC system will all too ‘efficiently’ recirculate these pollutants into every corner of the home. By installing a FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor, homeowners will enjoy cleaner air, while maintaining system efficiency.”

Scientific Approach:

The FILTERSCAN takes a scientific approach to maximizing a home’s air quality by monitoring the change in pressure while an air filter is in use. Timely replacement has a dual benefit by ensuring the filter is replaced neither too soon nor too late.

Wait too long and the heating or cooling system not only loses efficiency and wastes energy but could also need expensive repairs.

Eliminate Primary Cause of HVAC Failure:

According to Reavis, “Clogged filters are the primary cause of home heating and cooling system failures that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Clogged filters can also strain the blower on a system, making it operate less efficiently and increasing utility bills by up to 15 percent.”

Meanwhile, replacing a filter before it’s time also creates needless expense, and without a gain in system efficiency to justify it. “The question of when to service an air filter has vexed homeowners for years, so many consumers have resorted to servicing their filters according to a schedule,” Reavis continues. “Unfortunately, this approach can lead to unnecessary expense when filters are replaced too often.”

The FILTERSCAN unit should be recalibrated each time a new air filter is installed. As a result, homeowners can change filter models as they wish without undermining clog-detection performance. Consumers can even arrange for their local HVAC service contractor to receive the alert.  

Free Energy Saving Checklist:

Download our Home Energy Savings Checklist and discover how to save money and conserve energy.

For more information on the FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor, call (888) 414-FLOW (3569) or visit cleanalert.com

Text and e-mail alerts require subscription with annual fee of $ 14.95.

About CleanAlert:

CleanAlert, LLC creates, designs and manufactures high-performance, low-cost airflow products for a wide variety of applications and markets. Dedicated to delivering consistent quality and reliability while remaining sensitive to the customers’ exacting requirements and specifications, CleanAlert is committed to helping end users lower operating costs, reduce energy consumption and improve the environment.

Headquartered in Oberlin, Ohio, near Oberlin College, a national leader in green building design, CleanAlert LLC has offices in Tampa, Fla., and Philadelphia, Pa. FILTERSCAN® is a trademark of CleanAlert LLC.

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