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There are many ways that you can protect the environment and preserve energy while you are at work. These things can be shared with your employees or co-workers so that your company can experience a significant drop in your energy bill.

One of the first things you may want to do is hold an energy saving training meeting to get the employees to think about it and to encourage them to find ways to cut the energy that they use. They may be able to come up with new ways that you would have never thought of.

Make sure that you reward those who come up with good ideas and they will be motivated to come up with more good ideas. You may even want to create an energy committee which will be responsible for implementing these good ideas and rewarding responsible workers.

This committee may need funding as money incentives for great ideas are usually the most motivating reward that you could offer. You may also want to reward those who you catch actually implementing the new ideas.

Another thing that you may want to consider is getting a professional energy audit. This audit will review all parts of your company and the auditor will let you know about areas where you could cut spending and how you compare to other firms.

By getting a professional audit now and one in a year, you will be able to see what kind of improvement you have made. Keep in mind that motivating employees can be a long process and even though it will take a lot of time, it will be worth it.

You can also give incentives for employees to protect the environment in their personal lives. For example, you can provide incentives for your workers to live closer to work so that they spend less gas getting there.

In addition, by living closer, they may not have to use a car at all because they will be able to bike or walk every day. As they bike or walk every day, they will be getting some exercise in, which may result in an improvement in their health, which will mean that they will take fewer sick days.

Even if employees live farther away from work, they can save the environment by carpooling and using less gas. You can also provide rewards for workers who do this or who begin taking the public transportation home.

In some cases, you may even want to consider relocating your business to an area of town where the majority of employees live. If this takes you closer to the customers as well, this could be a very profitable venture.

There are other simple things that you can do to save energy as well. For example, you can make sure that all of the lights and equipment have been completely turned off at the end of the day before the last worker goes home.

Simply turning the lights off at night can save you a lot of money. You may also want to install sensors which will be able to tell if someone is using the room or not.

If no one is using the room then the sensor will turn off the lights. This can save on your electrical bill throughout the day as well.

In addition, you will want to make sure that all of the bulbs, fixtures, lenses, lamps, and reflective surfaces are up to date and in proper working condition. Certain types of light bulbs use far less electricity than others and can even last longer.

You will want to make sure that you are using the best light bulbs for your company as possible. By making sure these things are clean, you can make sure that you are increasing the output of your lights as well.

Bathrooms, storage rooms, and other rooms that are not used very often should especially have motion-sensors as it is common for these areas to have the light left on, when it is not needed. As you try to cut back on energy usage, you will want to make sure that you remind others to turn off the lights and equipment as well.

As you clean and consider various areas you may be able to find some areas where you do not need as much lighting as you have. By taking these light fixtures out, you could save quite a bit of money.

Of course, you will want to make sure that you are maintaining safe lighting conditions so that your employees do not injure themselves. However, there are many ways that you can save energy at work.

Terry Daniels is a former electrical engineer and has written hundreds of articles relating to air conditioning and heating, including electric heater. He has been involved in the air conditioning and heating business for over 16 years.

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