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Have Your Heater Inspected Before Winter! Effects Of Not Having Your Heater Inspected!

Have Your Heater Inspected Before Winter! Effects Of Not Having Your Heater Inspected!The most essential thing you need to do is make sure that your heater is functioning properly before winter starts. This is important because when a cold day or night comes unexpectedly, you do not want to turn on your heater and find that it isn’t working correctly. People fail to realize that a lot of changes or unexpected issues can occur to your heater during the less cold months. It is wise to contact a HVAC expert so that they can inspect your heater. In a maintenance inspection the specialist will often times check to see if there are any leaks or gases being transferred from it. They will also clean and change the filter and make sure that everything is operating correctly.

Here are some of the negative things that can occur if you do not properly have your heater inspected before winter. First you will be more endangered to Carbon Monoxide Leaks. Carbon monoxide is very undetectable. It has no smell, taste or color this is why it is the most dangerous and the deadliest. This gas can build up inside your home and you would not be able to detect it. Some signs that indicate that you may have Carbon Monoxide Poisoning includes becoming very sick with the flu or worse.

Gas leaks are another common problem. The two type of common ones are natural gas and liquid petroleum. Having these type of leaks not corrected as soon as possible can have fatal consequences. These gases are very explosive so you shouldn’t ignore them. They cause very negative side effects in people if you are constantly inhaling the gas over time. Gas leaks are more detectable than Carbon Monoxide because they tend to give off a rotten egg smell. There are additives that have been added to these gases in order for them to be easily detected.

If you allow dust and other debris to build up in your heater you will be at a higher risk of having a fire outbreak. If you turn your heater on and you notice that there is a burnt smell coming from it, what you smell is dust from particles that have already been burned last time you used it. You need to regularly inspect, clean and engage in other maintenance procedures for your heater to avoid this type of situation.

From time to time you will need to change the heater’s filter. This important to do because it collects a lot of dust particles and debris. People often ignore maintenance for the filter but it is just as vital as anything else. An unclean filter will cause your heater to work harder to produce results. This is bad because more fuel will have to be used and in return it will shorten its lifespan. You should buy enough filters to last you for the entire season and switch them often about once a month.

Clean your clogged vents because having them clogged will make your heater work extremely harder. Before winter wash the vent covers and check to see that they have not been broken or severely damaged. Inspect your ducts. If your duct is leaking or broken it will cause you to lose heat before it gets an opportunity to hit your area. Ensure that all your connections to your heater are connected properly before you turn it on.

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