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Waco,Texas (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

August might mean the end of summer for homeowners, but that does not mean it is time for home air conditioners to take a break. In many parts of the U.S., August is the hottest part of the summer. Aire Serv has five tips to help beat the heat and make August more bearable before the fall weather sets in.

Run ceiling fans with the air conditioner running

When people are in a room, turn the temperature of the air conditioner up slightly while running the ceiling fans. The fan creates air that is moved over the skin making people feel cooler. Be sure to turn the fans off when the room is not occupied to save money on the electric bill.

Change the air filter more often

Typically an air filter should be changed every 90 days. However, in times of heavy and continued use, like August, homeowners should consider changing the air filter before the heavy use begins to ensure proper airflow. Improper airflow can cause systems to work harder, putting stain on the compressor, which could result in a system failure.

Raise the temperature when not at home

One of the best ways to keep the cooling cost down over the summer is by raising the temperature in the home. The best way to save on the electric bill is by seeing the temperature higher when no one is in the home. Turn the temperature up to 76 to 78 degrees during the peak time of day and back down to a more comfortable temperature when people are at home.

Install air conditioners in the rooms that are the warmest

Some rooms are naturally warmer than others. Rooms that are not shaded and are frequented by people for an extended period of time tend to be warmer than other rooms of the home. For homes that do not have central air systems, the air conditioning units should be placed in these rooms since they stay the warmest.

Keep registers open when running central air systems

Central air systems are designed to cool the entire house. Vents and registers are designed to effectively deliver the correct amount of airflow to every room in the home. Closing off vents, registers and rooms will cause unused rooms to heat up, which is counter-productive to the air conditioning system.

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