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Old Castle, ON (PRWEB) August 12, 2014

Blue Line Innovations Inc., a leader in home energy monitoring solutions, today announced how customers of Essex Powerlines receive Blue Line’s in-home energy display for free, when signing up for Ontario’s saveONenergy peaksaver PLUS® program. The display can save consumers roughly 10 percent on average on their home energy costs. With peak energy rates in Ontario having increased 48 percent over the past 5 years (9.1 cents to 13.5 cents per kilowatt), Blue Line and peaksaverPLUS allows consumers to immediately adjust their electricity consumption to offset summer air conditioner usage, phantom power waste and expected future rate hikes.

More than 200,000 Ontario consumers are participating in the peaksaverPLUS program. Essex Powerlines joins Enwin Utilities, Entegrus, along with 20 other participating Ontario hydro providers that are offering Blue Line’s PowerCost Monitor™.

“Blue-Line’s in-home energy monitor makes it easy to track electricity usage, and make minor shifts in consumption to achieve meaningful savings,” said Marco Calibani, Program Manager for Renewables and Sustainability at Essex Powerlines. “We are pleased to offer Blue Line’s in-home display to customers, when they sign up for peaksaver PLUS by calling 519-946-2001.”

“We are delighted with the response to the peaksaver PLUS program, with over 5600 customers signing up,” said Lawrence Musyj, Director of Conservation and Energy Management at EnWin Utilities Ltd. “We encourage all of our customers to register and see how they can immediately start saving.”

“The peaksaver PLUS program, along with Blue Line’s Power Cost Monitor, is one of the easiest ways to reduce electricity at home,” said Erin Bourdeau, Conservation Program Manager, Entegrus, Inc. “We are pleased that many of our customers have already enrolled to cut their energy usage, while helping the environment. The peaksaver PLUS program helps us manage grid congestion and the energy monitor is offered for free – why not sign up!”

“Our products help homeowners instantly save money on their electric bill by eliminating waste, and shows the amount of energy consumed, when you think everything is turned off,” said Peter Porteous, CEO of Blue Line Innovations, Inc. “In addition, through the use of smart data, Blue Line lets consumers see how they can save a significant amount of money through minor tweaks in their electricity usage.”

Key Capabilities of In-Home Energy Display

Overall increased awareness of energy consumption
Alerts you when consuming expensive energy at peak times, so you can adjust activity to reduce costs
Provides instant feedback on changes to electricity usage, so you can immediately see cost-savings
Displays electricity used by key appliance and how minor adjustments can lead to savings
Eliminates hidden electricity waste through real-time display of power consumption – see how much is being used when you believe the home is “turned off”
Estimating feature provides feedback on the impact of changes and uses recent trends to provide a next 30-day usage projection

About Blue Line Innovations

Blue Line is a leading provider of energy monitoring solutions for home owners and small businesses. Blue Line’s Power Cost Monitor lets customers manage their energy usage to reduce costs, and help the environment. The Power Cost Monitor is a free energy display that customers receive when signing up with Ontario’s saveONenergy, peaksaver PLUS program. Using the Power Cost Monitor, customers can instantly see their energy consumption and cost for general home use, and also for a particular appliance at any given time. Consumers can then easily make small adjustments to eliminate waste and reduce costs. Simple adjustments, such as being aware of on-peak/off -peak times, go a long way towards lower energy bills. For further information, please visit http://www.bluelineinnovations.com.

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Marco Calibani

Project Manager, Renewables and Sustainability

Essex Powerlines Corporation

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