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Air Conditioning System in Moore: 4 Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the most neglected tasks. This is the reason

why your air conditioning system breaks down frequently. It is recommended that you maintain your air conditioner system in Moore appropriately to avoid such problems later on. Given are some maintenance tips which will come in handy while maintaining your air conditioning system in Moore.

Air Conditioner System in Moore: Maintenance Guidelines

1. Expose the Filter

You should begin by opening the front cover of the air conditioning system to access the filter. Ensure that you unplug the air conditioner before beginning with this step. The filter is usually connected at the back. Sometimes it is also fastened in front of the coils.

2. Wash the Filter

This is the next air conditioning maintenance step. Wash the air conditioning filter thoroughly with clean water. You should then clean it in soap water. After washing it in soap water, clean the filter with warm water. Squeeze the water out of the filter. Allow the filter to dry completely before you re-install it. Do not forget to wipe the cover of the air conditioning system.

3. Thermostat

This is another important maintenance tip. Ensure that you adjust the thermostat on the basis of the room temperature. Ideally, do not keep the air conditioner unit switched on especially when you are not using it. This can enhance the shelf-life of the air conditioning system. In addition, it will also prevent the onset of any technical problems. You can also save a lot of money in the long run.

4. Ductwork

Check the ductwork of the air conditioning unit as well. Examine if there are any signs of mold or dust particles which are blocking the duct pipes. Blockages, if any can be cleaned by an air hose. You can also seek the help of an expert in this maintenance procedure.

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