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Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) August 05, 2014

Summer can be a busy time for A/C repair companies in Florida due to the extreme heat and humidity. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, HVAC repair is one of the leading occupations in job-related injuries in the nation. HVAC repair technicians have reported a variety of injuries including muscle strains, electrical shock, burns, and other injuries related to handling heavy equipment.

In Florida, air conditioner repair companies that employ full or part time workers are required by state law to provide workers’ comp insurance to their employees. Florida-based PEO brokers SourceOne Partners offers the following safety information to help A/C repair companies cut down on workers’ comp claims and save on workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

Another job hazard faced by A/C repair professionals is skin or eye damage from handling refrigerants. Accidents while handling such chemicals can cause skin damage, frostbite and even blindness. Lung damage from inhaling refrigerants is also a danger, and more recent refrigerant chemicals introduced since 2012 also pose a fire hazard.

To avoid such injuries and mitigate risks to employees, A/C repair companies should invest in proper training in the handling of refrigerants, as well as proper safety equipment such as OSHA-approved safety gloves and goggles to protect skin and eyes from exposure.

A/C repair technicians are also often required to work outdoors in various weather conditions, as well as indoors in non-air-conditioned buildings. With the heat and humidity in Florida often reaching dangerous levels, especially in the summer, this can pose the additional hazard of heat stroke or other heat-related illnesses. It’s important that repair technicians stay properly hydrated while on the job. They should also be trained to recognize signs of heat exhaustion, and be allowed to take breaks as necessary to keep their body temperature regulated.

Workers called to repair rooftop units should also be given proper safety equipment to help prevent falls, as well as training in the equipment’s proper use. During Florida’s storm season, efforts should also be made to avoid placing workers on open rooftops during storms, where they face danger from lightning, wind and hail. Working on electrical systems under rainy conditions should also be avoided.

While proper attention to employee safety can go a long way toward reducing workers’ comp claims and lowering premiums, SourceOne Partners can also help. As one of South Florida’s leading payroll and PEO brokers, SourceOne Partners has established relationships with insurance providers that make it possible to help your A/C repair business find competitive rates and match you to the best solution for workers’ comp insurance in Florida, including pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance.

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