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Tips to maintain your air conditioner in the summer heat of Oviedo

Tips to maintain your air conditioner in the summer heat of Oviedo#TheThermostat

The thermostat should always be set at an ideal temperature, so that the environment of your home can be maintained at a constant climate. For you to reduce electricity bills, you need to ensure that all the times, your thermostat is at a perfect temperature.


When the coil of your air conditioning system is dirty, your monthly bills will increase by an approximation of 30%. Ensure that the coil is kept clean for it to last for a long time and to function efficiently.


Regularly clean the filters for you breathe clean air and have a hygienic indoor environment, which is free from dust and dirt. Another added benefit is that you will reduce your monthly bills by an approximation of 5% if you regularly clean the filters.


If the air duct system is not properly installed or serviced, moisture will get into the duct system due to condensation. It can also be wet when there are leakages or breakage. Moisture contaminates the system, so it is important to prevent the air ducts from getting wet.

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Other tricks on how to maintain your air conditioning unit properly

-Hire a professional to ensure that the motor and other parts of your air conditioner are well lubricated to prevent the rate at which the system wears out.

-Repair leakages and clean water damages.

-Ensure that the new system you are purchasing is compatible with your air duct system.

-Ensure that there are no debris and dust on your air conditioning unit.

-Free your home from rodents and pests which can infest and damage your conditioning unit.

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Learn about Air conditioner repair in Oviedo


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