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Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 11, 2014

High temperatures in the summer means an increase in energy use and cost to stay comfortable. In a first-of-its-kind program in Ontario, Milton Hydro is making it easier for their customers to manage their energy use and control their cooling costs. As part of its peaksaver PLUS® program, Milton Hydro is offering its customers a free ecobee Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Si thermostat that connects to the smart meter.

Designed in Toronto, the ecobee Smart Si thermostat offers complete flexibility and intelligence to suit any homeowners’ lifestyle. Homeowners can monitor and control their thermostat from anywhere, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The thermostat also understands the weather outside and your home’s energy performance to optimize savings. Many customers have experienced significant energy savings.

With as much as 60 percent of an average home’s energy use going towards heating and cooling your home, the ecobee thermostat will help Milton Hydro customers make informed decisions about their home’s energy use. Through a meter connection, customers will receive real-time energy usage data and price information right to their thermostat.

“The launch of our peaksaver PLUS® program provides our customers more insight into their energy use plus the tools to optimize and control their cooling expenses this summer,” said Frank Lasowski, President & CEO, Milton Hydro. “Now our customers have greater control. If they decide they want to stay at their cottage longer than expected this summer, all they have to do is adjust their air conditioner right from their dock using their smartphone. In addition, participating customers play a role in responsibly lowering the demand for electricity during extreme heat and peak energy use.”

Customers who participate in the program learn how to better manage their energy use and help ensure the reliability of the energy grid only when energy demand is at its highest.

“With energy costs climbing across the country, Milton Hydro is taking a significant step to help customers reduce their energy use,” said Stuart Lombard, CEO, ecobee. “This energy efficiency program will give Milton residents greater control of their energy bills and put money back into their pockets. It also means the Milton community is making a collective effort to conserve when energy demand is high this summer.”

Through the program, residents will receive professional contractor installation and a tutorial on the ecobee Smart Si thermostat. Participating customers must have:

    Central air conditioning
    High-speed internet access
    A wireless router or access point

Those who sign up will also be eligible to win $ 2,000 towards the purchase of new energy-efficient appliances. To learn more about the program, visit Milton Hydro’s website http://www.miltonhydro.com/peaksaver.

About ecobee

ecobee—maker of the world’s first smart thermostat—delivers intelligent energy management solutions to homeowners, commercial, HVAC, and Utility markets. With hundreds of thousands of installs across North America, ecobee’s award-winning smart thermostats are the easiest way for customers to understand, manage, and reduce their energy consumption. ecobee’s pioneering work with Open APIs is accelerating the adoption of the Internet of Things and leading to a more connected home.

ecobee’s line of Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats, online web portals and mobile apps are the products of choice for ease of use, energy efficiency and demand response programs.


About Milton Hydro

Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. is a local distribution company, which is responsible for distributing electricity to more than 35,000 business and residential customers within the Town of Milton. Milton Hydro Distribution Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Milton Hydro Holdings Inc., owned by the Town of Milton. Milton Hydro has been providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity service for nearly a century.

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