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Is It Too Late For The AC Repairman?

There can be uncountable ways to beat the heat. But when you reach home after a busy, sweaty day; all you need is the cold and dry, conditioned air to feel the bliss in the heat. However, you can feel this bliss only if your air conditioner is working properly. Therefore, you must make sure that your keep regular checks on the working of the air conditioner.

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There are many simple and ordinary measures that can be taken to prevent air conditioners from losing their efficiency for a long time. For instance, you can keep regular checks and find out if there are any air leaks in the machine. You can also regularly change the filters so that the cooling system remains intact for a long time.

Since old times, people are in the habit of using their materials and machines for a long time. So long that they force their things to live on despite them being completely obsolete! If you are doing the same with your air conditioner then time has come when you don’t call the repairman one more time but instead buy a new ac altogether. Since your air conditioner has already lived a long life, it is gradually becoming unnecessarily expensive to use. Certain air conditioners consume too much electricity to cool the room; there are many others who have been repaired so many times that no part is left which is completely normal. If this is the case then buying a new air conditioner would be a wise decision than repairing the older one. The following aspects might help you recognize if you need to change your ac or not.

– If the compressor/ refrigerant/ entire unit is completely damaged and is costing you much more than a brand new air conditioner should.

– If the repairing of your refrigerant leak or the whole unit is costing you between $700 – $1500 and buying and entire new unit is hardly around $80.

– If every unit inside has been replaced once then there are possible chances that they will eventually lose their efficiency sooner than you are expecting. Nothing can beat the quality of an altogether new system to a replaced unit.

– If the air conditioner is consuming much more electricity than it actually should. This shall not only cost you the repair charges but also the expensive electricity bills.


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