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Have you taken a look at your outdoor AC unit recently? Chances are, probably not, and no one can blame you. AC units generally have a reputation for being a self-servicing machine that requires no occasional work or maintenance. This is because the issues that come up regarding AC are often not very obvious, and users credit problems to other issues (such as a increased electric bill due to something other than the AC). AC units are seemingly tough, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it from regular maintenance by a professional. Some symptoms of a unit that needs maintenance include a lack in efficiency, freezing, running too often, not running enough, as well as several other issues. One of the more common causes of these symptoms is that your outdoor AC unit is dirty or occasionally even damaged. This outdoor “condenser coil” daily pumps air through it and brings the fresh, cool air inside. Over time, this unintentionally acts as a filter, removing elements from the outside air during its process. These include mold, dust, pollen, and even larger items like dirt, grass, and leaves. As these items collect in the unit, air flow is slowly reduced, lowering the efficiency of your machine. Often times a quick look at your unit will tell you if you need to have a professional perform basic maintenance on it, comparable to a tune-up for a car or any other number of appliances. Some estimates have on average a 5% drop in efficiency annually without proper repair and upkeep. This loss in efficiency can amount to a higher electric bill and can be a pain during those hot months. Without this regular tune-up, your AC can be irreplaceably damaged. As more waste gets lodged into the unit, it will have less air running through it, leading to overheating which can damage sensitive interior machinery and components. The costs of purchasing a new AC unit entirely (not to mention the headaches of delivery and installation) far outweigh hiring an air conditioning Fort Lauderdale repair. Here are some basics to keep in mind:

A low efficiency AC unit will cost more in electric bills and will not satisfy your cooling and heating needs as well
Maintenance should be performed on a schedule to maximize performance (contact a professional AC maintenance company to determine your specific needs)
Most importantly, ignoring the problem will only make it worse, and possibly ruin your AC by causing irreversible damage.

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