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An air conditioning system is amongst one of the most important household electrical systems. A break down in air conditioning spells a lot of inconvenience and trouble. Like any other equipment, good maintenance of air conditioning system is the key to keeping it in good working condition. Regular maintenance can also prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. Here are some useful tips you on how to maintain your air conditioning system in great shape:

Here are Some of the Tips on How to maintain your air conditioner over time

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Clean filters regularly:

Filters of the air conditioning unit tend to accumulate dust, grime, and grease over a period. They should be cleaned once every month to keep them in good working condition. Cleaning these is not a very complicated job and you can do that yourself using some basic household cleaning accessories. You can use warm water and kitchen cleaning spray to rinse and clean off the dirt and grime off the filter. You may also need a brush and a soft cleaning cloth as additional resources.

Do not leave air conditioning system unused for long periods:

As is with any other machine, if you leave your air conditioning unit unused for a long time, the machinery is likely to gather dust and the mechanical parts may even get jammed. You should switch on the unit every once in a while, even if the weather does not demand, to keep it in running condition.

Keep the air and water inlets/outlets unblocked:

Certain points of water or air’s entry and exit from your air conditioner need to be kept free and unblocked at all times. The water outlet for example, if blocked, can cause water to leak inward and drip inside your home. Similarly check both indoor and outdoor units to ensure that the air passages are not blocked in any manner.

Clean and check on the blower unit:

Check on the blower unit for dust or grime build up. This can jam the unit and cause it to break down. The blades of the fans and other parts should be cleaned and wiped off the dust. Oil the fan’s shaft and bearings lightly so that they move easily. If your blower unit is belt driven, then you should check to see if the belt is not worn out. If it is, then you should get it replaced at the earliest possible.

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