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Energy management phenomenon should be applied by everyone in order to make this earth a better place to live in! Anything that happens -from a pin-drop to an explosion-requires energy. Energy is the capacity for “doing work”(making something happen).Various forms of energy exist, including light, heat, sound, electrical, chemical, nuclear, kinetic and potential energies. There is a ceaseless abundance of energy for everyone. Your efficiency in energy management basically defines your life. You can just live a simple life with no concept of how you are using or misusing it, or you can meticulously work with it to live a peaceful, happy, joyous, contented and abundant life. The choice is yours!

Energy plays a very vital role in human life and it is our duty to save energy as much as we can for near future. In today’s global climate every change increases our combined efforts against energy loss. Though we all have the ability to save energy, we don’t give much importance to it.

It is not possible to develop an energy program successfully without having a way to measure and account for the amount you are spending on energy and its usage. A better choice is to have the information shared among a number of users.

This process of accounting is a vital component of energy management. The accounting of energy must not be just a complex series of numbers. They must be written in a concise and clear version. For example, you must have noticed a steady increase in your monthly power bills. You must consider using solar power and wind power to generate your own electricity. It is highly cost effective and environment friendly. Hence if you successfully build solar power panels or wind generators, you can expect to make all your money return back in one to two months.

You can even reinvest your savings to build more solar panels and wind generators so that you can sell off excess electricity to the electric company and get a good amount. This is energy management.

You can have an additional income and make some responsible investment by choosing to generate your own electrical power. There is much innovative renewable energy technologies and equipments that is readily available and easy to us

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