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With the summer season round the corner, only the top quality air conditioner servicing servicing will offer you the much needed respite from the heat and without causing your electricity bill soar like the temperatures outside. These summers, keep your ambience of heavenly coolness and quietness with best servicing from Lemoncool Aircon. With their help you will not only cool down the temperatures around you but also keep your wallets cool and happy too. Lemoncool Aircon is a professional company specializing in servicing residential and commercial air-conditioning systems. With years of experience and the right expertise behind them, they are well famous for the high seasonal energy efficiency ratio ratings.

An air conditioner operates by circulating cool air through supply and return ducts that open in ceilings, floors, walls covered by grills. As the cool air circulates in your home it gets warm and gets transferred back to the central air conditioner through the return ducts and registers. However, one should look at a number of factors before buying an air conditioner. First of all you need to look at the kind of compressor behind the unit as this si the most important and expensive part of the air-conditioned. It should have a reliable and a durable compressor. So, do your homework and research well before buying an airconditoner. The big guy in the market may need not be the best one. Make sure the installation gets done by professional men or even the best unit can become inefficient sue to poor installation.

Now that you have got an airconditioner of your choice, it is essential to keep in it good condition and get it serviced regularly. Lemoncool Aircon is one of the most professional companies in this field with more than 20 years of experience till date. You will get a number of services from them like Chemical washing, general aircon services, topping chemical gas, installation and many more.
The timely servicing form  a reputed company like Lemoncool Aircon are many.

You can prevent system breakdown as well as water leak problem. The air will be cleaner, healthier and cooler. You will find your AC working with improved efficiency but with no increase in your electricity bills. A thorough chemical overhaul of the air conditioning singapore unit is necessary when a chemical wash of the unit does not result in any improvements.  You will see improved cooling while saving on electrical consumption after such a servicing. You not only prolong the life span of equipment but also save on the total maintenance cost.

Lemon cool Aircon also offer popular brands of /2nd hand Aircon Systems at very affordable price. and in an excellent condition. All these AC’s are working, without nay noise and no t water leaking issues. The company gives a warranty of at least 1 year on all its services.

Get complete chemical aircon servicing of the indoor fancoil as well as for the outdoor condenser. It is essential to check the drainage piping to keep it clear of any blockages and check for any leakages.

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