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Air conditioners are one of the appliances at home that often need repairs because they are also one of the most commonly used of all. As an owner, you can provide proper maintenance to it to make it less prone to breakdowns. These units sure look intimidating with their current system but they are actually very easy to care for them. Properly maintaining your unit will help a lot in restoring the quality of its function and prolonging its life. Moreover, you will also save the money that you usually just spend paying to service repair.

Read on below for some basic maintenance tips for your air conditioner.

Read the instructions of your manufacturer when it comes to changing filters and furnaces. These parts should be regularly changed for proper air quality. Some air conditioner units require constant changing while others only need a replacement once every year so make sure you follow the right directions.

Clean the pans and coils of dehumidification and humidification regularly. Failure to do this can lead to polluted air within your room. Before cleaning your air conditioner, make sure that you unplug it first. Then, using a garden hose, simply spray the parts that need cleaning with water. You can also spray some commercial air conditioner cleaner to it. Just make sure that you put on some safety gloves and glasses first before doing it because it may irritate your skin. Let the spray set for a moment before rinsing your unit again with water.

Clean your return grills from any dust or other debris that may build up and clog its ducts and filters.

Prevent infiltration of air by regularly checking the ducts around the air handler for any holes, loose tape, or holes.

Moderate the balance of your air system. An unbalanced system can lead to negative air pressure or unhealthy air inside your room. Use a ventilation system to prevent such possibilities. The latter can help pull filtered air from outside and create positive pressure inside your home.

Quickly cover any holes in the ducts around your handler if there are some. Make it also a point to change them at least once every month.

Keep you outdoor condensor grille clean at all times. Is your unit’s interior dirty? Ask for a professional to power wash it. Doing it on your own can cause bending on the fins of your unit so it’s better to leave it to the specialists.

Place your thermostat into cooling mode (heating if you have heat pumps instead) to see if it is still working properly. If there are any weird noises, it means something is wrong with your unit. Immediately call your dealer to fix it.

Change your air handler’s filter to prevent wasted energy and airflow restrictions.

Make sure that you have a clear condensate line and that your liquid runoff works well.

Many people do not know how to properly maintain an air conditioner. Thankfully, experts provide helpful tips on the matter. 

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