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For most people, having a working air conditioning system during the hot summer months is not just a luxury, but a necessity. In cities with warm climates such as Phoenix, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada and Dallas, Texas, the need is especially high. The constant use of your air conditioning system during the dog days of summer can put extra stress on the system, which can cause damage to the equipment. A damaged cooling system will do little to stop your house from turning into a sauna and there are some simple steps that can be taken to avoid this terrible problem.

To keep your air conditioner running at peak condition and keeping your house cool and comfortable, the following tips can help you.

Inspecting before the heat arrives
As spring begins to give way to the intense heat of summer, checking the various components of your air conditioner can help identify potential problems before they become severe. Look for abnormalities and inconsistent sounds as these can be clues that something is wrong with your system. Noticing problems early on can allow you to make minor repairs before the problems become worse.

Clean your filters
The air that gets pushed through your cooling system goes through filters to keep dust, hair, and other debris from being spread throughout your house. Cleaning these filters regularly will allow the air to flow easily through the system. The filters are usually easy to find and accessible to be cleaned and changed as necessary.

Clean the condenser
The outside part of your air conditioning system, the condenser, is especially prone to becoming dirty or blocked by debris such as dead leaves. Make sure the intake area of the condenser is clear of any type of debris, as this is where the air that will be circulated in your house comes in. A blocked intake will keep your system from running at full efficiency.

Professional inspection
On top of what you can do yourself for your air conditioning system, having a professional air conditioning repair man inspect any apparent or suspected problems can help extend the life of your cooling systemIf problems do develop, it is important to have your system repaired by a knowledgeable, professional technician. Do it yourself air conditioning repairs can cause more damage than help because of the intricacies of the home cooling systems. Look for an air conditioning repairman in phoenix with experience and a reputation for good service, to go along with reasonable prices.

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